Renew, replenish, balance, fortify, and soothe.

RaVina Labs Subscription Home Facial Kit Anti-Aging

Isn’t that what we all want for our skin? RaVina Lab’s at home facial experience brings the pampering and results of a spa right to your bedroom.

Your at home facial experience starts now.  Thank you for allowing us to partner with you on your journey to healthier skin, to skin you feel good in. Taking the time to slow down and learn a little bit more about your skin opens up possibilities. It’s no longer going to be a fight-to-fix, but rather a fun partner dance that you get to enjoy every step of the way. 

My name is Jennifer and I co-founded RaVina Labs out of my love of skincare and my 28+ years of clinical experience as an Aesthetic RN. What does that mean exactly? I’ve been a licensed aesthetician since 1993 and a registered nurse since 2011. My goals are simple: to teach you a little bit about how your skin works and to act as a trusted guide for you as you begin your specifically tailored skincare journey with us. During our time together, I will attempt to share everything I know about aesthetic skincare. Today I wanted to touch on just a couple of key differentiators in our facial kits and exactly what they can do to strengthen and heal your particular skin type. 

RaVina Labs’ skincare system was developed to work with the skin you're in, not against it. A large chunk of skincare solutions on the market right now promise to treat specific skin by stripping the skin of natural properties that actually cause more harm than good: think inflammation, think increased acne, think more wrinkles! We designed RaVina Labs to treat specific skin issues such as anti-aging, dry, oily, and normal skin types, as well as some of the more challenging sensitive oily and sensitive dry skins in a very specific way. (If you don’t know what your skin type is, visit our self-assessment so you can find out and explore your unique facial recommendations!) Bi-weekly facials are key to our process. After all, sustainable habits require sustainable processes that’ll push you towards becoming your best skin self. As with all good habits, it’s best to build slowly and steadily.
At RaVina Labs, our aesthetic philosophy is to self-renew aging skin, replenish dry skin, balance oily skin, fortify normal skin, and soothe the ever-challenging sensi-dry and sensi-oily skin types.  We call these our Core Treatments, but they are really our core principles and guiding light as our goal for you is to correct and repair your skin issues in an easy and understandable way, from the comfort of your own home. 

Thanks for letting us show you your healthiest skin,
Jennifer + The RaVina Labs team

Want to know more?  Our philosophy on how we treat your unique skin issues:

Introducing our core treatments:

Self-Renewal Treatment for Mature Skin: centered around treating concerns with aging and maturing skin through an intentional combination of alpha hydroxys, peptides, and antioxidants.  With the introduction of these important key ingredients, the skin can do what the skin was always meant to do: begins its own organic self-renewal cycle. The result? Healthier, stronger skin even your high school self would be jealous of. 

Replenishing Treatment for Dry Skin: is designed to address dry skin concerns with ingredients such as peptides, essential fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid.  These ingredients, which already naturally occur in our skin, belong to a group called natural moisturizing factors (NMF’s).  NMF’s work overtime to help protect and maintain moisture in the upper layer of the skin, thus resulting in a more hydrated and comfortable state. 

Balancing Treatment for Oily Skin: geared towards treating issues with oily skin and incorporates ingredients such as jojoba, bamboo charcoal, and retinol. These power-packing ingredients really work hard to balance overactive sebaceous glands in a straightforward and effective way. Think: no more shiny foreheads in your pictures. 

Fortifying Treatment for Normal Skin: Normal skin tends to be well-balanced, less likely to be prone to sensitivities, and the texture appears smooth, clear, and soft.  To keep skin this way, we want to maintain your skin’s natural barrier by introducing ingredients such as enzymes, peptides, and anti-oxidants, that are meant to exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin.

Soothing Treatment Facial Kit for Sensitive-Oily or Sensitive-Dry Skin: is designed specifically to support and fortify your skin's natural barrier function while both hydrating your dry skin and/or balancing out your oily concerns. How can it do both, what is this magic?  It’s science and it’s simple: by working with key ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory and healing properties such as aloe vera, bee complex and spirulina.  


With your Core Treatment Kit in hand, off you go to the land of renewed, replenished, balanced, soothed, and fortified skin. Enjoy the ride. Your Journey to healthier skin begins now.

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