Spring Renewal: Your journey to healthy skin begins now

Spring Renewal: Your journey to healthy skin begins now

Spring is nature’s season of renewal.  A time of new growth, of leaving the past behind: a fresh start.

The snow is finally melting off of the trees, the days run longer, and as the trees and flowers are starting to bud, we too, start to emerge out of the buds of our own winter hibernation. Freeing ourselves from the grayness of another winter past, the outside world shows us the newness and the freshness that abounds and we sense this feeling of revitalization, a sense of readiness for something new for ourselves.

We start wondering, running through the potential post-winter switch ups: “maybe now is the time to finally start training for that marathon." Or, “We need to start eating better." Or, “I really need to find a way to relax and start taking time for myself.”

But, what if the switch up was even simpler? What if it started at the root, with the foundation of it all: your skin.

Tight skin, chapped lips, redness everywhere? Think about it: your skin just went through battle. Well, not literal warfare but the metaphor isn’t far off. After-winter skin wreaks havoc on our normal routines and spring is the perfect time to reset and show your skin who’s boss by keeping it happily hydrated beyond the months of cold snaps.

If you’re feeling especially dry, dehydrated or sensitive after the winter season, you're not alone. But why exactly does this happen?  Well, first we need to understand water. Our skin’s loveable soft and flexible texture is largely due to our skin’s water content. If our skin loses water, which it tends to do during the winter months, it makes sense that we tend to start feeling dry and irritated and even itchy. Nobody likes to be itchy.

But there are a few other important factors to consider if you’re dealing with the sneaky after effects of winter dry skin:

    • Cold, dry temperatures and low humidity
      • Artificial heating
        • Long and hot baths or showers
        • Were you swimming indoors in a chlorinated pool or utilizing a hot tub?  I’m all about the exercise, but hate the chlorine. It will dry your skin out.
        • Were you doing a retinol treatment during the winter?  As avid of a retinol lover and supporter of a winter retinol protocol as I am, the flip side is that it can dry your skin out in a major way if you're not balancing it with the right moisturizer.
        • All of these factors are major potential suspects in making your skin feel dry, tight and irritated.
        • So “Spring” into action. (Sorry, I had to!) The best solution is always to take action. Taking the time to introduce bi-weekly at-home facials will be a winter skin game changer.  For dry skin, dehydrated skin, and sensi-dry skin, I urge you to run, not walk, to the: 

          These treatments are intended to protect and maintain a proper moisture level in the upper layer of the skin. Results? Less irritation, less itch; more hydration, and more comfort for your skin.


          Thank you for taking time for yourself,
          Jenni & the RaVina Labs team

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