#SunSafeSelfie, #SeekTheShade!

#SunSafeSelfie, #SeekTheShade!

Heatwaves, Short Shorts and Pool Parties: An essential guide to taking care of your skin during the summer. 

Just last week, the RaVina Labs family had the privilege of joining Anya Sarre’s KTLA5 Stylesmart segment. What. A. Blast. While we gabbed about the bliss of sunshine, shorts and bronzed skin during the taping our Summer Skin segment, we also talked about the dangers tied to increased sun exposure and the right ways we should be caring for our skin this summer. We focused on the heavy hitters, like UV awareness and skin safety (which you can read about in our latest blog, but I also explained just how much our skin suffers from dehydration during these dog days of summer.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Your summertime iCal is probably laden with kid’s pool parties, family beach trips, or weekend hikes in the mountains. The outdoor excursions seemingly never stop. Maybe you’re more of an adventurous type, with weekends spent camping, rafting or biking. Whatever your activity of choice may be, please don’t forget to pack these three most essential items: your sunblock, hat, and sunglasses. Long-sleeved protective clothing, if you can squeeze them in too! Remember that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they are 70 and that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer.

Maybe I’m wrong and you aren’t the active type. But I do know that this summer, loads of us are excited about the potential of travel and are flocking about to see our friends and family after living through lockdown. Having been separated from our loved ones for such an extended period of time, I myself am longing to visit each and every one of them now. Translation? Now we’re flying or driving again, and likely to be celebrating our long-awaited family reunions with various outdoor gatherings and BBQs.

Don’t get me wrong, this summer, more than ever, I want everyone to have some fun. But here’s the thing: this sudden increase in outdoor activity, adventuring, travel and partying can definitely take a toll on our skin. One of the number one issues that I see with summer skin is dehydration. This tends to happen due to the combination of additional UVR exposure and the external elements of summertime fun. When our skin becomes dehydrated, we feel: 

Tightness, cracking, scaling, flaking, skin dryness, roughness, and inflammation that can lead to sensitivity. To put it bluntly, your skin can look pretty worked over pretty quickly.

Okay, okay, so you’re likely asking: what exactly causes dehydrated skin during the summer? A brief list below:

  • UVR exposure
  • Airplane travel
  • AC & low in-room humidity
  • Excessive sweating
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Chlorinated pools & hot tubs
  • Excessive water exposure
  • High and low humidity
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Living in high altitudes
  • Dry air & wind

Oof. Long list- I know! But a lot of these external factors are unavoidable, all we can do is try our best to be cautious and aware of what causes our skin to become dehydrated. Plus, RaVina Labs created a great facial solution for your exact summertime skin concerns: it’s called The Rally Box - Restoring Treatment for Dehydrated Skin. With this kit, we intended to address both chronic and temporarily dehydrated skin by introducing ingredients, such as natural moisturizing factors, ceramides and essential fatty acids. These babies are your number one fighters against dehydration and the wrath of the summer sun.

Treating your skin with our Rally Box every 14 days during the summer will restore the natural skin barrier to its hydrated and comfortable state in a simple and effective way.

I want a bikini, poolside margarita as much as the next girl. And the truth is you can truly have it all, but only if you remember to protect, nourish and hydrate your skin with your sunblock, hat and, our #holygrail Rally Box. This skin you're in is the only one you’ve got.

Stay safe this summer and seek the shade,


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