What are the Foundational Five? Exploring RaVina Labs' Key Ingredients to Getting You Healthier Skin At Home

What are the Foundational Five? Exploring RaVina Labs' Key Ingredients to Getting You Healthier Skin At Home

With the Tokyo Olympics coming around the bend, my brain started reeling with images of Simone Biles defying gravity as she flips the air, Aly Raisman gracefully nailing jumps on a four inch wide beam, and McKayla Maroney sticking an unbelievably perfect vault at the London games. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been enthralled by the majestic allure of these incredible athletes, from the “Magnificent Seven” to the “Fab Five”. Each Olympics year, these women are bestowed with these unforgettable names that speak to their power and their distinctly unique skills that make them the best in their field and in the world. That’s why I named our core products the “Foundational Five”. Because in all of my years working with skin, I found that it was these specific ingredients that were the bar raisers, the true game changers of skin health and appearance. Our “Foundational Five” serves as the backbone of our treatments, the secret sauce in all of our facials.  

So, what are the foundational five? What is the idea behind our treatments? What is the goal behind our facials and RaVina Labs? Why did I pick these? Why, why, why?

Let’s back up a second and find out what's so important about the SC. 

I know you’re probably sick of me preaching about the importance of the stratum corneum over and over and again. But it’s for a good reason! Understanding the SC is like finally finding the treasure map! It serves as the key to unlocking how to successfully work with your specific complexion. The SC is the uppermost layer of our epidermis and its  job is to protect us from water loss, microbial and chemical invasion, and UV radiation. The SC is made out of keratin and lipids and they’re bound so close to each other that they prevent water loss. We refer to it as brick and mortar. It’s our protective shell. The SC also contains Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs). NMFs are naturally occurring substances that are considered hydrophilic or water loving. They attract water and they aid in the hydration of the stratum corneum. The big take-away: The brick (keratin) and mortar (lipids) prevent water loss and the NMFs hold the water in. 

As an aesthetic RN, what is top of mind when thinking about treating the skin?

My goal as an aesthetic RN, as well as our goal at RaVina Labs is to always treat the skin barrier or stratum corneum with respect.  You might be thinking “What’s respect got to do with my skin?” But honestly, it has everything to do with it. Your SC is like the guardian of your skincare galaxy and you must respect its power. Keeping the SC (or, your skin’s natural barrier) in a very healthy, balanced, and happy state is always at the top of my “To-do list”. Because as that key guardian, your SC is your skin’s main protective body guard. I am always trying to maintain the SC to be as strong as possible so it can keep the water in, hydrating your complexion. We definitely don't want it to be compromised, making us more prone to chemical and microbial invasion. A weak and compromised SC also can cause sensitivity issues, dryness, dehydration and even unwanted oiliness. No thank you. Definitely do not want that. 

Okay you’ve sold me. But how exactly does one “treat the SC with respect?”

By understanding how it works, giving it what it needs AND protecting it, we can create a very respectful relationship with the SC. Our Foundational Five, the powerhouse ingredients that are incorporated into our facial treatments, takes care of this for us. Many of these components are already found in our skin. It is simply our goal is to supplement our skin with them so that it can continue what nature intended it to do: successfully maintain and fortify itself. A strong and healthy SC is a happy SC. 


Essential fatty acids: A component of the SC lipids, they make up 15%-25% of the SC lipids and play a major role in the maintenance of skin hydration. 


Ceramides: Also a component of the SC lipids, ceramides make up 40%-50% of the SC lipids and also they play a major role in the maintenance of skin hydration.


Peptides: Short chains of between 2-50 amino acids. They are responsible for the stimulation of collagen and elastin, thus delivering strength, smoothness, and firmness to your skin. Found in the SC, these peptides are major contributors and are also part of the intracellular NMFs. 


Antioxidants: These free-radical scavengers delay and often protect against cellular damage such as UV radiation, smoking, pollutants, heavy metals and alcohol. They also aid in the successful self-renewal of our skin.


Alpha and Beta Hydroxys: Acids that refine the texture of the skin and stimulate new skin cells.

Everything that we do in regards to our skin is aligned with supporting the integrity of the stratum corneum. By nourishing it with the best NMFs and lipids, we want to protect our skin. By supplying it with antioxidants so it can proceed with its self-renewal process. By encouraging new skin cell growth with exfoliants such as alpha and beta hydroxys. 

To highlight these key components, RaVina Labs created a specific facial for you to do from the peace of your own home called GLOW AND BOOST. This facial packs an unbelievable punch with each of these foundational five key ingredients. Give it a go and get the glow. 

PS: Each of our at-home facials have incorporated these wonderful powerhouse components into their treatment formulas.  Be rest assured that you have the best line-up for your skin, just a room away. 

And just like the Olympians, our treatments are a team made to work together, a special group scouted for their talent and tailored for their excellence to nourish, fortify and balance your SC. We always want to set you up for success and confidence on your own Olympic path to whatever your skincare dreams and goals may be.  

Want to talk more? Send us a dm on Instagram or email us. We can’t wait :)

Much love, healing and energy to you,

Jenni, your aesthetic RN + the awesome RaVina Labs family.

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