WHAT’S THAT SOUND? That’s your skin telling you exactly what it needs.

WHAT’S THAT SOUND? That’s your skin telling you exactly what it needs.

We consider ourselves skincare fanatics over here at RaVina Labs HQ. It’s hard not to be when our desks are stacked to the gills; overflowing with serums, experimenting with formulas... jars...everywhere....

But the potential Skincare Hoarders Special Edition scene is just one small part in our long journey to design a perfect skincare system for you and your specific issues. Ranging from anti-aging, dry, normal and oily skin types to sensitive-oily and sensitive-dry skin types, our products were specifically created by our understanding that a “one-size fits all” approach to skin will always fall short. Because of this, we developed our Core Treatments (think: specifically curated products you should be looking for based on your particular skin type, and they are the secret sauce of RaVina Labs’ skincare strategy.) Still unsure about what your skin type is? Click here for a quick self-assessment! 

Our in-house aestheticians also worked hard to design a system to treat certain skin conditions called Skin Needs.  In that system, we identify the 5 common skin needs: Restoring for dehydrated skin, Nourishing for soothing (think: a relaxing me-time experience), Combat for your hyper-pigmentation issues, Glow & Boost for energizing and radiating (think: end of a long week/ event readiness), and Maintenance, originally designed for men but we believe it’s also a perfect fit for those shorter on time, less familiar with skincare routines in general, regardless of gender identity. Hop over here to check out our Skin Needs Assessment page and explore our offerings!

Hyperpigmented skin is a need that RaVina Labs at home facial kits addresses.
Hyperpigmentation is a skin need that RaVina Labs at home facial kits address.

A skin need is a condition that your skin is experiencing at a certain point in time.  Skin needs might be temporary, such as dehydration, or chronic, like hyper-pigmentation.  Or you might be surviving an extra long week at work and notice you have an event upon the horizon you’d like to feel bright eyed and not exhausted for. Perhaps you are just in desperate need of some down time for yourself. Or you might be somebody (like my good friend from college who fell asleep in her makeup every night for 4 years...) who might not regularly utilize a proper facial system, but still wants some kind of solid skin maintenance routine to use on and off as you see fit. A facial treatment could be exactly what the aesthetic RN ordered in these situations!

Much like the physical world we inhabit and the spiritual practices we cultivate, our skin is ever-evolving. So it only makes sense that our skin needs are also constantly changing. At RaVina Labs, we don’t think about this change as a possibility, rather we embrace it as a certainty and have baked it into the foundation of how we work. That’s why we feel confident that we can help you address all of your skin needs in an effective and understandable way, and from the comfort of your own home.


Is your skin feeling parched, rehydrate dehydrated skin with RaVina Labs Restoring at home facial kit.

Feeling dehydratedFirst, grab a bottle of water and drink it. Our RESTORING treatment for dehydration issues is meant to repair and hydrate your skin with key ingredients such as natural moisturizing factors (NMFs), ceramides, and essential fatty acids.  By introducing these naturally occurring components, it is our goal to improve and restore the function of your natural skin barrier to a more comfortable, healthy, and hydrated state.

Feeling run down? Do you need a relaxing time-out for yourself? Our NOURISHING treatment for your relaxing and peaceful escape is designed specifically for you to create a tranquil  space in the comfort of your own home while you perform your facial.  The well-being of your skin is very important, but the concept of self-care and how you take care of yourself is also a must in your life.  Before you start your facial, take some time to explore your surroundings to see where you can set up your SPA SPACE.  This will become your quiet and peaceful retreat where you can sit and enjoy your facial and take some time for yourself.   Remember, your wellness and taking time for yourself is an important factor in your self-awareness journey to becoming a happier and more complete you.

Forever dealing with hyperpigmentation struggles? Our COMBAT treatment for your hyperpigmentation issues  was designed to do exactly what its name suggests! This kit is packed full of an incredible arsenal of melanin production blocking ingredients that are intended to fight hyperpigmentation and minimize uneven skin tone.  By minimizing your sun-exposure by wearing a hat and never leaving home without your physical sunblock (titanium dioxide and or zinc, of course) alongside the bi-monthly treatments, your skin will begin to even out and see the benefits working their natural magic. 

Give your skin a boost and never dread video calls again with RaVina Labs Glow & Boost at home facial kit.

In need of a boost, or even...a glow? Our GLOW & BOOST treatment for your special event packs a punch.  Back in my clinic days, when I had a client getting ready to take on the town or sparkle at a special event (think now: your virtual Happy Hours, your Zoom Weddings) I would always introduce a cocktail of ingredients specially geared towards strengthening, hydrating and exfoliating their skin.  These triumphant trio of key ingredients are (a) peptides that strengthen your skin, (b) alpha hydroxys that exfoliate and stimulate new skin cells to grow thus revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion, and (c) hyaluronic acid that hydrates your skin and provides structural integrity. Peptides, alpha- hydroxys, and hyaluronic acid -- Oh my! Instead of scary animals, we wish we could offer Dorothy this grouping of ingredients being utilized during the facial, she would arrive at the Emerald City with skin so glowing and smooth and tight even the Wizard would be in awe. These are the results that we have built into our core products in order for you to replicate with your at home treatment. It can also be used twice a month as your regular facial, especially if you have skin that is in need of a little redefinition, or is struggling with a dull complexion brought on by the stresses of the week.

More of a maintenance vibe person? No muss, no fuss? Our MAINTENANCE treatment was originally conceptualized as a way to get men into taking care of their skin. But over time we have realized maybe that was a bit limiting in scope. We know that skincare isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, regardless of gender. We all have skin! What we don’t all have is the desire or time to do a 14 step skincare routine, to spend a ton of time researching what works best for our skin. But at the end of the day, this is the only skin we get. And we’ve got to take care of it as well as of ourselves. 

A note from one of our co-founders, Lucas:

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a guy and I have a skincare and self-care routine. Growing up, my mom was really into taking care of her skin. Even on family vacations, she would travel with products and take time after dinner to put masks on our faces as fun, while she did her skincare routine! Newsflash: I later learned it was an act of self-care, of skincare and of routines. That attitude of respect for taking care of one’s self is something that I carry on today. So here I am, having designed this maintenance kit together with my younger self in mind, trying now to be an advocate for taking care of your skin. I want not just men, but anyone who thinks skincare is over-done and overhyped, to understand their skin. To care even a little, or at least enough to give our kit a try and see just how easy and how effective it is.

And beyond that, to know that we are here for you. We are your best resource. Always reach out to us, no skincare question is too small!  So, don’t ignore yourself and don’t ignore your skin when it is your protective shell for all the awesome adventures you are going on. Our facial kits are a reminder for you to take some time for yourself and for your skin, and for your adventures to come. 

Thank you for taking time for yourself,
Jennifer & Lucas + The RaVina Labs Family

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