Ravina Labs’ vision is to bring real facials to everyone in a fun, understandable and affordable way. Our facial kits include easy to follow skincare routines mindfully selected to address each individual’s skin type, needs and concerns. Rather than providing a “one-size-fits-all” product, our targeted kits address an individual’s actual needs to provide real results. RaVina Labs’ origins come from more than 28 years of aesthetic experience providing skincare analysis and services. Our values are proven and accessible to everyone through simple and easy to follow facial kits priced within reach.

We want you to be informed about your skin! Our approach is simple:

Select the facial kit best suited for you. You may either shop by skin type or by skin needs. Unsure of your skin type? Go to theSELECT YOUR FACIAL KIT tab on the homepage and identify which skin type or skin need best describes you. If you are still stuck, send us an email and we will be happy to help you to identify your skin type or skin need and recommend the best facial kit for you. Once you select the kit that is right for you, you may either purchase a kit individually or set up a monthly subscription.

Your facial kit has arrived and it is time to open and explore! Your kit comes with enough product for 2 treatments to be completed once every 14 days. New customers receive a complimentary spa bag with special tools you will need to complete your facials. Enjoy, relax, and begin your journey to healthy skin!

Ravina Labs is more than just skincare. As you begin your routine of bi-monthly facials, we encourage you to set up your spa space, which will become your special retreat where you can allow yourself to rest, reflect, and relax. Taking time for yourself boosts self-awareness and confidence, thus promoting a better you.

Each RaVina Labs facial kit comes with easy to follow instructions consisting of 5 steps that emulate the experience of receiving a traditional facial with an aesthetician. Depending on an individual’s skin type or skin needs, a facial kit may include: a cleanser, exfoliation or gel treatment, masque, serum, and a finishing moisturizer. Each facial kit contains enough products for 2 facials to be used once every 14 days for best results.

Bonus! Your first RaVina Labs facial kit comes with a complementary spa bag containing the special tools you will need to complete your facials. Keep reading to learn more about your spa bag!

When you place your first order—whether through a subscription or the occasional kit—you will receive a complementary spa bag, located just under the box insert. The spa bag contains special tools you will need to complete your facials:

• a headband - to keep the product on your face and out of your hair!
• a silicone cleansing pad to get your facial cleanser working
• a spatula for measuring out your facial products (no dipping fingers into the pot!)
• a surprise complementary skincare gift

Please remember to keep your spa bag and its contents. Do not throw them away! These tools are used each time you perform a RaVina Labs at-home facial. If you accidentally disposed of the bag and would like a new one, just let us know. We would be happy to send you another for a small replacement fee.

Certain RaVina Labs products may cause a temporary tingling sensation. Please read and follow the instructions included in your facial kit. Do not use any product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you develop skin sensitivity to a RaVina Labs product, stop using it immediately and consult your physician.

If you need medical advice about your skin, consult a dermatologist or physician. All products are for external use only. You should avoid contact with and do not use any products in your nose, eyes, or mouth.

The intent of is to present you with RaVina Labs’ ideas on skin care and self care. RaVina Labs’ sole purpose is to present you with advice regarding the use of our at-home facial kits. You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking medical advice because of any content presented on this website.

The bottles in a RaVina Labs facial kit are just the right size to give you the amount of product needed to complete two at-home facials over the course of one month. We include a spatula in our spa kit bag to act as a measuring tool for your products. In a clinical setting, the amount of product an aesthetician would use is emulated by the spatula, which helps you to be mindful and not wasteful. A little goes a long way!

Our goal is to curb product fatigue and save counter space by providing the right amount of product for your at-home facial experience. Also, the spatula serves as a product protector. Please refrain from using your fingers to scoop out product, as this degrades its quality.


You can do both! We offer 2 options:

1. Monthly subscription. Your facial kit will be delivered once a month and each kit will contain 2 facial treatments. You may cancel at any time. Please see our Subscription Terms & Conditions for more information.

2. Buy an individual kit. Try us out and order whenever you want! You never have to subscribe. Your kit will be delivered once and contain 2 at-home facials.

Each RaVina Labs facial kit costs USD$60. Customers who sign up for a monthly subscription will receive 10% off of their monthly kit price, with a monthly subscription fee of USD$54.

Yes! Simply log into your account and change your kit type. Our subscription plan lets you try another kit if you are interested or ready for a different facial treatment. All subscription kits ship within five business days of the date of the month when you initiated your subscription. Any changes you make will be reflected in your next monthly shipment, except for changes initiated while an order is in process (i.e., your monthly subscription payment has been charged but you have not yet received your shipment), in which case they will be reflected after the current order has been completed.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel, log in to your RaVina Labs account, click the “subscriptions” tab, then click “cancel.” You may also cancel by contacting RaVina Labs customer service at with the subject line “Cancel Subscription”. If you cancel before the next recurring payment is charged, then your subscription will terminate automatically and RaVina Labs will not charge your payment provider for any subsequent subscription period. If you cancel while an order is in process (i.e., your payment has been charged but you have not yet received your shipment), RaVina Labs will continue to process your order; your subscription will terminate automatically after the last order is shipped.

Our subscription plan will let you skip a month’s shipment or pause your monthly facial kits. Please see our Subscription Terms & Conditions for more information.

Absolutely! You can gift a facial kit or sign someone up for a subscription.


All occasional kit orders are billed directly at checkout. If you purchase a subscription at RaVina Labs, you will receive regular shipments of those products monthly until you cancel. You will be charged monthly for the cost of the applicable products, plus shipping, handling, and sales tax. You may skip a subscription shipment, make changes to or cancel your subscription at any time. There is no additional fee associated with the subscription, and there is no minimum purchase obligation.


If you order an occasional kit, it ships within 7-9 business days from when your order was placed. All subscription kits ship within five business days of the date of the month when you initiated your subscription.

Currently, we offer standard shipping via USPS First Class Mail. Each order includes a standard shipping and handling fee of $7.50 per facial kit. RaVina Labs does not offer free shipping at this time.

Due to the nature of our personal care products, we do not accept returns. Although we do not offer refunds for returns, you may contact us within 45 calendar days of your purchase date and we may discuss with you what facial kit might be a better fit for you.


We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about your RaVina Labs experience.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please contact us.




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